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Welcome to Wood Medicine, where the essence of nature is channeled through the hands of a passionate green woodworker. In the realm of Wood Medicine, we embrace the profound connection between humanity and the organic beauty of wood. It’s not merely a material; it’s a source of power, a healer, and a storyteller.

Wood, with its intrinsic nature, has the ability to unite us, providing a window into our own souls. Crafting with wood becomes a transformative journey—one that opens the door to self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. In the heart of this sacred craft, trees emerge as revered beings, intricately woven into the fabric of our world’s cycles. Through them, we find both healing and the catalyst for our own expansion.

Throughout my extensive years as an artist in general and immersed in the craft of green woodworking, I’ve witnessed the profound healing that occurs when individuals connect with the power of the woods and the serenity of green spaces. These experiences have not only healed my own traumas but have also become a testament to the therapeutic potential of working with nature’s gifts.

Green woodworking is more than a craft to me—it’s an authentic expression of self, a tangible extension of my artistic soul that transcends time and space. In this realm, I find solace, purpose, and an enduring connection with the natural world. While our earthly journey may be transient, my aspiration is to return my energies to the woods that have been a wellspring of inspiration and solace throughout my life.


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